This describes the VISION of 3LINES.

Movement means to recognise changes, to deduce conclusions and become purposefully active. This succeeds if all people involved are set in motion.

Our mission is to achieve this in the fields of STRATEGY, CULTURE and STRUCTURE. CONSULTING, TRAINING and COACHING are our tools.

III MISSION – Who are we? What do we want? What distinguishes us? What do we value?

3LINES is a national consulting, training and coaching company with an international focus, and geared around expansion.

We are Germany’s leading business in the field of strategic HR development. We combine our consistent emphasis on future market trends with an ongoing quest for improvement and the unconditional will to make companies and people more successful.

The people working for us passionately strive to further develop themselves and others, and find their own success in that of others.

Our economic independence enables honest, targeted dealings with our customers, and ensures us long-term success.

III CULTURE – That’s what we live!

These are the VALUES and RULES we follow. Acting in accordance with these values, and upholding these rules, is a key aspect for everyone working at 3LINES. We abide by these daily. We measure ourselves on them, and want to be measured on them.


I don’t have to, I want to.


I recognise any performance.
I make sure that everyone feels welcome.
I talk with, and not badly about, others.


I take responsibility.
I will constantly improve myself.


All 3LINES consultants always have at least two Responsibilities:

They bear account responsibility for their customers, and simultaneously work alone or together on the 3LINES customers’ consulting/training/coaching projects, as per their skills.

3LINES consultants have permanent employment contracts, undergo intensive and regular advanced training at the internal INTRA academy, and work only for 3 LINES and its customers.

This guarantees 3LINES customers the expected quality level, the possibility of representation, and a smooth collaboration in joint transnational or cross-hierarchical projects.

All employees initially undergo a multi-week individual development programme at INTRA. Following this initial training, each consultant undertakes further training twice a year for two weeks, is supervised on at least two occasions, and is regularly assessed in practice.

All 3LINES consultants have industry background, a university degree, and multiple years’ experience in management and/or intensive sales experience.

What are the SKILLS of a 3LINES consultant?

3LINES consultants

  • concentrate on the important things.
  • identify the "gaps" in others’ statements.
  • emotionally and rationally understand the situation of others.
  • ask questions until everything has been answered.
  • have the necessary business administration skills.
  • make the essentials the essentials.
  • provide clear recommendations following an analysis.
  • say NO if YES would be worse for the other party.
  • constructively raise and resolve conflicts.
  • communicate respectfully while still delivering a clear message.
  • derive concrete action from ideas, and initiate results reports.
  • give top priority to feasibility, and don’t leave things as construction sites.

What are the SKILLS of a 3LINES trainer?

3LINES trainers

  • say YES to anyone just as they are.
  • focus on the participants, not themselves.
  • laugh with, not about, others.
  • are positive/constructive, regardless of how negatively the participant behaves.
  • are masters of group-dynamic processes, and involve everyone.
  • admit when they have made an error.
  • are quick-witted, without striking the first blow.
  • are prepared and think before they speak.
  • are both tolerant and logical.
  • represent an opinion, while still giving everyone else space.
  • make participants confront themselves to enable them to be successful.
  • don’t leave any losers behind.
  • train the agreed programmes.
  • initiate concrete plans for implementing what has been learned.
  • prefer to act things out with the participants rather than talk.

What are the SKILLS of a 3LINES coach?

3LINES coaches

  • are excellent listeners and even better questioners.
  • always remain objective observers.
  • do not coach beyond the limits of their knowledge or experience.
  • do not make recommendations if the coachee can do this for themselves.
  • give others a platform, and don’t look for their own.
  • view each situation from all sides.
  • don’t get caught up in the problems of others.
  • are curious as a way of expression serious interest.
  • separate humans from objects, and take into account inseparability.
  • do not take on jobs without specific objectives.
  • do not conduct any semi-professional psychoanalyses.
  • find solutions which help all parties.
  • don’t judge anyone for what they think, do or say.
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