Our consulting is based on the 3LINES-MODEL®, integrating the current customer situation right from the outset. It enables customers to develop implementable, market-relevant results tailored to their capabilities in the fields of vision, company strategy, culture and structure.
In doing so, internal and personal improvement aspects are taken into account and processed constructively.
Working systematically with our customers conveys the interdependencies between STRATEGY, CULTURE AND STRUCTURE, and creates a deep, long-term understanding which ensures practical implementation.
In this way, useable results are produced, a long-term knowledge transfer initiated, and future plans facilitated without any further consulting.

Vision consulting

A company vision is a driving force which defines an ideal circumstance to be achieved in the future. It is well formulated if it is positive and associated with commitment, creativity and a will for change.

In the 3LINES-MODEL®, the term VISION has additional meaning.

Almost every employee at a company has an idea of how the company is to develop. If these ideas differ, the company’s brand and meaning is not seen as a consolidated unit internally or externally.

3LINES works with companies to develop a VISION which creates an emotional employee bond, and establishes a link between STRATEGY, CULTURE and STRUCTURE. At the same time, we integrate this VISION positively into everyday management operations, and ensure high recognition value, which significantly helps with branding and establishing a uniform market presence.

Strategy consulting

The STRATEGY expresses who and what a company wants to be on the market, and which goals need to be achieved for this in the long-term, medium-term and short-term.

Unlike many business consultants, 3LINES does not develop a STRATEGY for companies. We believe companies can do this themselves by using available information and resources in a targeted manner. Our consulting enables companies to develop their own STRATEGY, and thus integrate it in everyday management operations in a more convincing manner.

Thereafter, we help the STRATEGY become the sense of any business activities, be reflected in every objective, and constantly be in focus throughout the entire company.

Structural Consulting

At 3LINES, we see STRUCTURE as being the service provider of STRATEGY, and it is an understanding which extends beyond any flow chart or hierarchical manner of thinking.

While flow charts usually define functions or hierarchical positions and interfaces within the organisation, we consider them to be an illustration of the relevant RESPONSIBILITIES combined perfectly with the right SKILLS to achieve the strategic goals.

3LINES was one of the first companies capable of specifically measuring, analysing, evaluating and systematically developing a company’s SKILLS based on STRATEGY. It has been doing this since as early as 2005.

Having first been applied that year after many years of work, this method subsequently underwent further development at the 3LINES ACADEMY to become an interactive and intercultural academy platform based on customer needs.

With these methods and tools, our CONSULTING ensures company structures remain dynamic and flexible, and can be smoothly adapted to the modified STRATEGY.

This sort of accelerated STRUCTURAL adjustment to the STRATEGY secures the market position, and reduces economic risks.

Our management trainings are specifically geared around this, actively supporting change, and producing the management behaviour which maximises the achievement of strategic GOALS.

Culture consulting

We use the term CULTURE to denote the manner in which all a company’s players work together to fulfil their RESPONSIBILITY. In this respect, every company has its own CULTURE.

Said CULTURE is helpful if it positively supports this co-operation. To do so, the CULTURE must be clearly formulated, operationally feasible, capable of being lived and experienced in line with expectations, and clearly manageable.

Companies use our CONSULTING to define such a CULTURE for themselves.

When it comes to implementing company cultures, 3LINES has developed long-time experience, practical tools and approaches which have successfully proven their worth in practice.

Companies also achieve the following with a CULTURE developed and implemented with 3LINES:

  • Speed up M & A processes
  • Increase structural flexibility
  • Prevent organisation-damaging power struggles
  • Prevent a mobbing culture
  • Increase employee satisfaction, and reduce performance-impeding stress factors
  • A significant change in referral management when searching for qualified employees (Employer Branding)
  • An increase in NOs as responses to headhunting attempts


Developing visions, defining strategies, and initiating implementation.

Once companies reach a certain size, they find it difficult to keep all participants moving in the same direction. Time, motivation and investments are all lost.

We work with the participants to develop a company vision, and a company mission supporting this VISION, derive long and short-term goals from this MISSION, and implement the results at all levels of management.

It is highly important that the approach be tailored to the specific company. Experience has taught us that there should be no standardised way of solving the same problem.

Developing company cultures, and making them measurable

Creating a positive company culture as a link between STRATEGY and STRUCTURE is a major challenge for many companies.
We have developed systems to identify and define the right company culture, and make it measurable.

Linking to internal payroll or bonus systems is no problem for our customers either. Analysis processes are just as much part of our services as historic documentation and goal-oriented company-culture development based on KPIs.

Personalised management tools tailored to the company culture are communicated to all parties responsible in a measurable, manageable way.

Defining responsibilities and measuring skills

If there is no link between STRATEGY and the resulting RESPONSIBILITIES at the company, these responsibilities will not be fulfilled to the necessary degree, meaning available SKILLS remain unused and unavailable SKILLS remain undiscovered.

If the SKILLS for implementing the STRATEGY are not available, the company cannot implement the STRATEGY, and distances itself from the market. There is a growing risk that everyone only does what they can, renouncing any necessary changes.

The 3LINES consulting helps companies define RESPONSIBILITIES and cultivate the relevant SKILLS.

It is on this basis that concrete development measures are initiated.

These are supplemented with the necessary learning and implementation goals, and planned and carried out taking into account importance and priority.

In this way, it is ensured that all development measures follow the STRATEGY, that the SKILLS necessary for implementing the STRATEGY are available at the right time, and that any investments made are economically worthwhile.

Devising structured development dialogues

Devising structured development dialogues is another special 3LINES skill. We are able to manage all relevant needs, requirements and expectations.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the primary focus is usually on developing forms, creating process descriptions tailored to the organisation, compiling company handbooks for the participants, and documenting results.

The 3LINES consulting seamlessly integrates multilingualism, detailed criteria and various company cultures. In doing so, we enable positive control, ensure correct implementation, facilitate proper documentation, and provide a basis for goal-oriented assessment.

The emphasis remains on minimal organisational effort and compliance with results-related quality standards at all times.


3LINES Academy GmbH specialises in automating the processes for conducting, documenting and analysing these development dialogues, enabling companies to easily identify general and strategy-related deficits within their organisational structure.

Derived development measures may be selected for specific persons, taking into account budget and strategic priorities. Execution thereof is controlled simply and smoothly. The achievement of set learning or implementation goals can then be assessed via the automation facility.

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