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What they said:

My 3 LINES coach was a meticulous business partner, who always kept the strategic company goals in focus during assessment and implementation in all processes.

Jakob Hess, CEO

My long-time 3 LINES coach was someone whose skills as a trainer and coach were of a quality I had never experienced before. He was able to gain people’s trust and convince them within a very short period of time. It was a privilege to know him and work with him.

Alfred Bulitz, CEO

A 3 LINES coach I can only recommend. I learned a lot, and continue to do so. He helped successfully establish a comprehensive cultural change programme at our company.

Oliver Borchmann, CEO

My 3 LINES coach was a top management coach. He can’t be described; he must be experienced. I am happy to be contacted personally by any interested party.

Ulf Thiele, Head of Customer Service and Support

3 LINES’ motto is to set people in motion. Our coach was able to apply this in every stage of the coaching, and convey this allure. I look forward to experiencing lots more effective tools.

Marc Fischer, Executive

The co-operation made a lot of SENSE, as 3 LINES demonstrates a great ABILITY and WILL when it comes to change projects. I can unconditionally recommend 3 LINES, and particularly my consultant.

Thomas Schmidt, Chairperson of the Management Board

For us, 3 LINES is a team with extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of “guiding principle” and “management”, who can convey this excellently. Based on our understanding, our guiding principle can and should indeed truly guide us. For us, management is the all-encompassing challenge of making ourselves, our staff and therefore our company sustainably successful in keeping with our guiding principle. The 3 LINES team enriched us in this respect with great commitment and a human touch, helping us get an even clearer picture of our path and follow it successfully with greater purpose. We thank the whole team for this.

Martin Güldenhöfen, Managing Partner

We undertook management workshops, and the result was staggering: Even at a company with a highly decentralised structure such as ours, the 3 LINES method can establish a uniform understanding of management and uniform terminology to operationalise the company strategy.

Gunnar Feldkamp, HR Director EMEA

Practical, professional, inspiring and competent in their co-operation and execution. Great sources of stimulation within the modules, sustainability through clear, engaging evaluations. Rarely has a motto of “setting people in motion” been so apt – before, during and after the service.

Margit Döll, HR Development

A picture says more than 1,000 words! This didactic instrument is used consistently and logically at 3 LINES, perfectly boosting knowledge transfer.

Wolfgang Janik, Authorised Signatory + Head of Department

What I particularly liked about the co-operation with 3 LINES AG was the respectful dealings with one another at all levels.

Janine Schulz, Management Consultant

I particularly liked 3 LINES AG’s ability to address all employees, regardless of hierarchy or job description, and communicate a joint objective.

Bertram May, Managing Director

We have been training our new managers with 3 LINES for many years in order to establish consistent, values-oriented conduct throughout our company. The clear and highly practical training conveys content excellently, and consolidates it through exercises reflecting typical everyday situations. The course content has now become a permanent fixture in our internal communications, and has significantly improved the working environment and employee satisfaction, and made meetings more efficient. Overall, the investment in 3 LINES training has always more than paid off.

Daniel Hölscher, Managing Director

Very practical case examples in which the trainer adopts the role of customer, and constantly comes up with phrases even the most experienced salespeople would never expect. A German trainer capable to inspire an Austrian sales team.

Peter Göstl, Sales Manager

The co-operation with 3 LINES is characterised by customer-oriented, practical and sustainable concepts, which are regarded highly both by the trained employees and by their superiors.

Jean Oliver Hinz, HR Manager

3 LINES ran an outstanding sales awareness webinar series at our company, which reached over 600 employees and re-focused on the topic of sales. We are very satisfied with the execution and results.

Michael Donat, Head of Human Resources, Member of Executive Board

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